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About Munger Block

Munger is a Town and Subdivision in Munger District of Bihar.
According to census 2011 information the sub-district code of Munger Block (CD) is 01356.
Total area of munger subdivision is 259 km² including 241.03 km² rural area and 17.50 km² urban area. Munger subdivision has a population of 3,47,392 peoples, out of which urban population is 2,13,303 while rural population is 1,34,089. Munger has a population density of 1344 inhabitants per square kilometre. There are about 64,564 houses in the sub-district, including 38,921 urban houses and 25,643 rural houses.

e-Gram Panchayats
e-Gram Panchayats

Literacy Rate Of Munger Block

When it comes to literacy, 63.49% population of munger subdivision is literate, out of which 68.39% males and 57.90% females are literate. There are about 109 villages in munger subdivision, which you can browse from munger subdivision villages list (along with gram panchayat information) below.

Munger Block Gram Panchayat List

# Village Name Gram Panchayat
1 Ajodhya Mahuli
2 Alilashkarpur Mahuli
3 Amarpur Mahuli
4 Bahadur Khan Mirzapur Bardah
5 Bakarpur Kateriya
6 Bakarpur Inglish Kateriya
7 Bardah Mirzapur Bardah
8 Basdeopur Mahuli
9 Bhagwan Singh Jagir Tikaram Pur
10 Bhelwa Tikaram Pur
11 Chak Bharthi Srimat Pur
12 Chak Ibrahim Shankar Pur
13 Chak Mansingh Mai
14 Chak Rajdhar Srimat Pur
15 Chakbir Mahuli
16 Dariapur Mai
17 Dhan Rajepur Mirzapur Bardah
18 Ganga Chak Srimat Pur
19 Ganga Prashad Tikaram Pur
20 Ghansham Chak Mai
21 Gobindpur Shankar Pur
22 Gondar Chak Mahuli
23 Gulam Ali Buzurg Mahuli
24 Harnathpur Tikaram Pur
25 Harnathpur Barni Mahuli
26 Hasannagar Mahuli
27 Hasanpur Kateriya
28 Hulasarai Jagir Tikaram Pur
29 Inglish Srimat Pur
30 Jafarnagar Zaffar Nagar
31 Jagarnath Singh Mirzapur Bardah
32 Jankinagar Janki Nagar
33 Kaem Khan Jagir Tikaram Pur
34 Kalyan Chak Kateriya
35 Kamarpur Mahuli
36 Kanhari Chak Mahuli
37 Kasim Chak Srimat Pur
38 Kasimabad Tikaram Pur
39 Kasimpur Srimat Pur
40 Kataria Kateriya
41 Kazi Chak Shankar Pur
42 Keshopur Janki Nagar
43 Khateb Chak Kateriya
44 Khatebchak Mahuli
45 Khatib Chak Kateriya
46 Khatib Chak Arazi Mirzapur Bardah
47 Khem Narayanpur Mahuli
48 Khoda Baksh Mirzapur Bardah
49 Kishunpur Mirzapur Bardah
50 Kudaratulah Jagir Tikaram Pur
51 Kutlupur Bangli Kutlupur Diyara
52 Kutlupur Diara Kutlupur Diyara
53 Lachhanpur Shankar Pur
54 Madhe Singh Inglish Mirzapur Bardah
55 Mahammadpur Srimat Pur
56 Mahuli Mahuli
57 Mahuli Arazi Shankar Pur
58 Mai Mai
59 Mangli Khan Jagir Tikaram Pur
60 Manik Singh Mirzapur Bardah
61 Manikpur Kateriya
62 Masudan Chak Kateriya
63 Milki Chak Janki Nagar
64 Mina Chak Mai
65 Mirzapur Bardah Mirzapur Bardah
66 Mulki Hawaldar Jagir Tikaram Pur
67 Muzaffarpur Kasimpur Srimat Pur
68 Nandlalpur Mai
69 Nandlapur Srimat Pur
70 Nankar Kateriya
71 Nankar Arazi Mirzapur Bardah
72 Naraen Daktar Mirzapur Bardah
73 Nauagarhi Nauagarhi North
74 Nawada Shankar Pur
75 Paduman Chak Mai
76 Paran Singh Jagir Tikaram Pur
77 Parsotimpur Mirzapur Bardah
78 Parsotimpur Jagir Nur Mohammad Mirzapur Bardah
79 Parsotimpurjagirhayat Mohammad Mirzapur Bardah
80 Rahmatullah Jagir Mirzapur Bardah
81 Reaz Ali Mirzapur Bardah
82 Sadullah Jagir Tikaram Pur
83 Sajawalpur Srimat Pur
84 Salempur Srimat Pur
85 Samaspur Saran Srimat Pur
86 Sarmadpur Srimat Pur
87 Sarmastpur Srimat Pur
88 Sawal Khas Tikaram Pur
89 Shakarpur Mahuli
90 Shakarpur Lakheraj Shankar Pur
91 Sham Kita Tikaram Pur
92 Shamaspur Mirzapur Bardah
93 Shankarpur Shankar Pur
94 Sikandrapur Mai
95 Sirmatpur Mahuli
96 Sitalpur Mai
97 Sohil Chak Janki Nagar
98 Sultanpur Kateriya
99 Sultanpur Arazi Mirzapur Bardah
100 Sultanpur Dhanai Mirzapur Bardah
101 Sundarpur Mahuli
102 Sundharpur Samilat Mahuli
103 Surji Mahuli
104 Tarapur Diara Tarapur Diyara
105 Taufir Tikaram Pur
106 Tikarampur Tikaram Pur
107 Tilak Singh Arazi Mirzapur Bardah
108 Usri Mahuli
109 Zamin Digri Kutlupur Diyara
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Population of Munger Block

Particulars Density Male Population Female Population Total Population
Rural 556 / km² 71,761 62,328 1,34,089
Urban 12,189 / km² 1,13,291 1,00,012 2,13,303
Total 1,344 / km² 1,85,052 1,62,340 3,47,392

Households in Munger Block

Rural Households
Urban Households
Total Households

Munger Block/ Sub-District Overview

Sub-District Overview
Sub-District (Hindi) : Munger (मुंगेर)
District : Munger
State / UT : Bihar
Total Area : 259 km²
Total Population : 3,47,392
Density : 1,344/km²
Total Villages : 109

Villages in Munger Subdivision/Block Population-wise

Total Population Villages in Munger Subdivision
less Than 200 7
200 – 499 15
500 – 999 10
1000 – 1999 11
2000 – 4999 10
5000 – 9999 4
10000 and above 2

How Many population in Munger
How Many villages in Munger
How Many Block in Munger

How Many Panchayat in Munger

How Many ward in Munger

Villages in Munger, Population of Munger, Sex Ratio of Munger Literacy Rate in Munger, e town panchayat.

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