There are various kinds of surveys carried out by the state and the Central government to check on the working of the Panchayats and to keep a track of their jurisdiction. These surveys help the government and the Panchayats to see if their implemented welfare programs and educational programs are providing the villagers with any results or advantages.

These surveys are also vital for keeping crime and corruption in check because there are instances where the villagers have been denied various kinds of rights on the basis of religion or social status.

It is not possible for all human beings to think the same way and the procedure of justice is thus often dominated by malpractices. Through these surveys the government is able to see it their efforts are bearing any fruit and if the people are actually getting any advantages from the same.

For example, it is suggested by the constitution to have a female member in the Panchayat but most of the Panchayats across the country are dominated by men and they prefer not to give women a chance.

To improvise this situation the government had set up various kinds of women’s welfare programs and other similar programs but are they actually working? Most of the Panchayats don’t have women members in their groups and this is also one of the major reasons that the development of women in the villages is not improving at the pace that it should.

The women are still being tormented and tortured. Hence with the help of these surveys, the government is able to track the areas where women have a backseat in governance and thus they can implement measures to improvise the same. They are also able to keep a track of the areas where the growth of women has been most and the reasons for this can also be analyzed.

Through these surveys the government is able to keep a track of the progress of the educational and welfare facilities provided to the villagers and if these facilities have actually reached the villagers and helped them can also be understood.

Through these means, the voice of the people and their suggestions for these programs can also reach the government easily. It is vital to conduct these surveys from time to time so that a record of the impact and benefits of these attempts can be made for correcting the past errors made by the Panchayats and the government also.

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