The duty of the village and district panchayats are not restricted to the development and administration of the economy but it also spreads to various avenues like the development of the social and functional abilities of the people living in the jurisdiction, improvement of health and sanitation conditions and also improvement in the overall educational and vocational capacity of these villages.

The Panchayats have been vested with various kinds of legal duties that need to perform and amongst these duties is also the need to perform various other kinds of activities which help the welfare of the people. These services are not the legal duties of these panchayats but they are vital for the development of the abilities of the people of the village. There are various moral obligations and service factors which the panchayat should commence and these also include improvement in the lifestyle of the villagers.
The panchayat should be ready to provide these services to those who require it the most and thus help them out with their problems. There should be no discrimination on the basis of caste and creed and priority should be given to those who need it the most. The panchayat should also try and implement their services as a part of their legal duties because this is the only way through which they can connect to the people of their villages.

The constitution of India had been made by the people, for the people and of the people and similarly, the panchayats should remember this in all that they do. Their services are not only to improve the standards and quality of life of the people but also for gaining public support and the majority. A panchayat, which practices unfair means and measures as legal duties, has no chance of getting re-elected.

Thus to win the support of the people it is essential to extend these services to various avenues of life. These include options like including more women in the tasks of administration along with members of the minority community so that growth and development are equal and not discriminated against.

Also, attempts should be made to expand local trades and modes of living and attempts should be made to increase the area of trades and businesses. These attempts will help in the growth of the village along with the support of the public for the panchayat in the long run.