The villages across India are suffering from problems with medical facilities and medication and the main reason for the same is the lack of doctors and other experienced medical personnel to guide through the situation.

But the panchayat of the states and district levels have made tremendous efforts to improve the conditions of the people in their villages and provide them with medical aid also. Basically, the idea behind the setting up of clinics in these areas can only be successful if the villages have a well-maintained medical storage system and pharmacies.

Even if the doctor is present and there are no medications or chemists available then there are no benefits of having the same. Hence in an attempt to ensure drastic measures for checking and controlling epidemics, the panchayats have encouraged the setting up of various pharmacies in the villages.

This is basically very helpful for the people of the village because there are instances when epidemics of cholera and malaria spread through homes and there are not enough doctors present to treat patients.

In such instances, the pharmacies can provide general medications like immunity shots or medicines suggested by the doctors to the people. Also in cases where medical help arrives late these pharmacies are a boon for emergencies and ailments.

The availability of a pharmacy also ensures that people do not have to travel too far to receive basic treatments and thus they can avail of regular medicines from these pharmacies.

There are also provisions of welfare pharmacies where the people are provided medicines at discounted prices or reduced prices as these are operated by the government or welfare organizations.

Also, the panchayat should check that the pharmacy has registered medicines and sells those which are not expired or banned due for any reason. The selling of medicines should also be in restricted modes to avoid overdosage and legal procedures should be implemented for the same.

Many villages across India lacked the facility of well-equipped pharmacies till a few years back but with the constant attempts of the panchayats and the government, there are pharmacies across the state, which provide basic medicines to the villages.

The panchayat should encourage the setting up of clinics and pharmacies in the villages so that the people are free from the hassles of going to other villages for treatments and medications along with other forms of medical aid.