Market Place

Corruption and crime have increased in all avenues of life and the poor people are often the ones who are deprived of various opportunities and rights because of the same. To overcome these problems suffered by people and to ensure that all people are provided commodities at fair prices the Panchayats have what is called a panchayat marketplace.

At this marketplace, all the people of the village and from the neighbouring villages also, get together to sell their goods and commodities. This marketplace is usually held once a week or a month, depending upon the area where the same is held and also on the needs of the people.

Through these means, the Panchayat makes an attempt to regulate the prices of the unfair dealers who often charge exorbitantly for various products and thus cheat people who are not aware of these prices.

Also, there are many illiterate people in these villages who are not aware of calculating their prices and gains effectively. Such people usually get duped by various traders and businessmen and this attempt is made to put a halt to these illegal services. 

There are various places where these markets places are held and the execution and administration of the same are done by the Panchayat or through a team or committee appointed by the same. These market places are conducted for the villagers and those who set up their stalls here need to register with the Panchayat and also mention the prices of their commodities.

The panchayat can also ask the dealer to reduce the price of a certain product if they feel they are overcharging. Also, the panchayat has the right to deny access or permission to any dealer or trader to take part in the marketplace if they have been accused of any cheating or thug.

The panchayat also has the right to collect a certain fee from these traders for selling goods in their area and this money is then used for public welfare. Various products like handicrafts, cattle, crops, clothes and other related items are sold in these marketplaces.

Any illegal activity or deal conducted here would be subjected to action by the panchayat also. Through these means, the panchayat is able to ensure that fair prices and deals are available to all the villagers and no discrimination of prices is carried out by the traders.