The village panchayat has various kinds of duties to perform and these include providing safe and clean drinking water, developing of child and women, provision for small-scale and village industries and endless other similar options. But one of the most vital functions of the Panchayat is to provide the villagers with various kinds of medical facilities.

These facilities can be provided through options like clinics which are set up in various villages. Due to the limitation on population and sources of funds, it is not possible for all villages to have hospitals with advanced features but there are options through which the panchayat can set up a clinic or clinics in their village for the welfare of the people.

These clinics are usually made with the support of the state or central government but there are also industrialists and businessmen who have large holdings in these areas, and thus they help in setting up these clinics. But the setting up of the clinic is not the solution to the health problems of the villages and there is a need to provide regular medication and doctor’s aid here.

It has usually been seen that the villages and their clinics lack proper medical care and doctors and people are still resorting to ancient methods of treatment, which can be slow and fatal at times.

It is essential for the panchayat to establish a clinic in the village and provide a regular doctor and other forms of medical aid here. There are also options where these clinics are associated with bigger hospitals from nearby towns and villages and help arrives immediately as required.

It is the duty of the panchayat to ensure that this facility is available to the villagers and that people are provided with basic medical aid. Features for advanced treatment should also be tried because often accident patients are not in the condition to travel long distances.

There are various medical facilities which should be provided in these clinics and these include medication of various kinds, childbirth and prenatal facilities, provision for vaccination of the children and other similar kinds of remedies also.

The panchayat can also approach the state or central government for help if it is not provided by these facilities or if lack of funds is a problem. Through these means, the panchayat can provide better health and medical aid to the people of their districts and villages.