There are various kinds of complaint matters and issues which are related to the Panchayats. Complaints regarding the Panchayats are not always related to the members of the Panchayat but also include the complaint list of the villagers, complaints against various welfare programs or educational programs held by the Panchayat and even the complaints of the members of the Panchayat against the government or any other organization.

But the Panchayats tackle these problems in various ways and ensure that the complaints of all their people are registered with the Panchayat and action against the same is taken. The Panchayat maintains a list of the various complaints which are registered with them and also categorizes them on the basis of their priority and the duration or tenure since the complaint has been laying with them.

Most of the Panchayats meet in a month or fortnight depending on their working and structure. These Panchayats entertain the complaints of the people, which may be against each other or against the system. Then they try and solve matters related to the same.

However, the matters related to crime are not dealt with through complaints but strict action is taken against such people. The Panchayats have their own system of working. For example, there are some village Panchayats that entertain problems and complaints on Fridays or any other particular day of the week.

This way the villagers are given an opportunity to express their distress and problems and the Panchayat finds a fair and just way to deal with the same. Often these problems are against the working of the Panchayat or also against some program or welfare scheme organized by the Panchayat. Usually, the decision is settled by the members of the Panchayat but there are often instances when polling is used as a decision-making tool.

There are also instances when the Panchayats may have complaints against the state or the Central government and hence they have to follow a legal procedure for the same. These complaints may be against the irregularities of funds or lack of volunteers for performing certain welfare programs also.

The Panchayats also have suggestion options where villagers can opine against a particular judgment of the Pancha’s but the final decision-making power lies with the Panchayat. But through these complaints, the people and villagers under their jurisdiction are given a fair option to voice their opinions against any act of injustice.

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