The Panchayat in India has been given powers and responsibilities at various levels and one of the most vital ones includes the management of events and related festivities and functions. The responsibilities delegated to Panchayats at the appropriate level include the planning for economic development and social justice along with implementing the various schemes for economic development and social justice.

This responsibility has been given as per the 29 subjects in the Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution. The Panchayat is also liable for the collection of the taxes, duties and tolls and ensures they are levied and collected in a fair and just manner.

The money collected through these modes is not only used for the development and health care of the rural sectors but is also used for the organization of various events.

Since the Panchayat functions at the grass root levels and is a close-knit body, they also organize various kinds of cultural and social activities in the village. These include various kinds of festivals, gram meals, fairs, and other similar avenues.

Thus the duties of the village Panchayat are not only restricted to the collection of taxes and implementation of laws and health care, but it also spreads its avenues to the areas of organizing these events and fairs so that interaction with other villages along with encouraging trade and business through these modes.

The systems of governance in gram panchayats are the basic units of administration and they have 3 levels, namely the village, block and district. During the periods of these events organizations, all three units are called together for discussions and the successful implementation of these plans.

Detailed planning and management are done so that these events can be announced prior to their dates and also for notifying the state levels of implementing the new events.

These events are organized keeping in mind the minority and majority groups and also as per the seasonal rituals in these areas. For example, there are various villages in northern India that celebrate the harvest season with pomp and glamour, where fairs and meals are held.

Also, there are various traditional events along with new events held each year. These new events can be health and sanitation related or for the promotion of education in these areas. There are also various events held on a small scale for general public welfare and other related issues also.