Often the gram and village Panchayats organize various kinds of events and welfare programs. These programs are not done for the general health and care of the people of the village and also for improving the social abilities and interaction skills of the villagers through these events.

There are various events, which are held on big-scale budgets while there are some which are held on small-scale budgets. But most Panchayats keep a track of these events and save these memories through photographs and pictures.

These photos are not only proof of the previous events held by the Panchayats and their related organizations but they are also the ideal way of recollecting some of the cherished memories of these programs.

Very few people would remember the first time a polio camp had been set up in a village or the first time when the computer was introduced at the grass root levels of the Indian villages. But through these pictures and photos, one can easily recall and relive those cherished moments again.

These photos are also proof of the various efforts taken by the Panchayats and related organizations. These are often sent to the state and the central government levels so that the people throughout the country can access the same. These photos are also used in various newspapers and government sites as a symbol and evidence of the improving conditions of the villages in India.

Often the people in the country read about the events held at various village levels but are still under the impression of the village where water was filled from wells and ponds and traces of electricity and education are not existent. But over the years the Panchayats have been able to improvise the condition of the villages and regulate various kinds of facilities in remote areas of the country.

Through access to these photos, people of the country are able to see the face of the new India and the changing scenario in the villages across the country also. They are able to connect to various other states and villages around the country through these options.

Photos from these events, fairs, welfare programs and other related programs help the people of the village as well the government to understand the functioning of the Panchayat and also ways through which their functions and power can be enhanced or strengthened.