The panchayat is one of the most grass root levels of government authorities and it is also one of the rare groups, which communicates directly to the people also. Hence there is a certain amount of vigilance and alertness levels which the panchayat should maintain as a legal authority.

For these references and queries related to the people, the government has made provisions for the setting up of libraries across the country. These libraries are the centres of learning for the people of the village and also for the panchayat.

There are instances when the members of the panchayat are confused about a certain judgment or are unable to solve a particular matter in the village. In these cases, the panchayat can take the help of the books available in the library and refer to various precedents or judgments for reaching a fair decision.

These books also help the members of the panchayat to provide better judgment to the people and answer their queries. Through these means, the panchayat is also able to enhance the knowledge of the members of their groups along with providing fair judgment to the people of the village.

Also, these libraries are accessible to the people of the village so that they can use the knowledge available to them. These libraries contain books on history, medicines, legalities and other stories and fiction books also.

The collection of books here is usually in the native language and even though the books here are limited they provide some knowledge to the people in the village. These libraries are helpful for the doctors of the village and also for consultation on pharmaceutical matters.

These books can help the villagers as sources of entertainment or for providing valuable information. These books are usually in the native languages of the district to ensure that more people are able to read the same.

It is not possible to remember every small thing that you learn from school or college. Hence the library is the ideal method of enhancing that knowledge and also for finding various hidden secrets about subjects and issues, which are of the past or present also.

These books provide an insight on various issues by clearing doubts, answering queries and even helping out by remembering some old things that you might have forgotten for the villagers, these libraries are the god of knowledge.