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Tripura is an Indian State located in the Northeastern region of India.
Tripura State is established on 21-Jan-1972. The largest city in Tripura is Agartala.

Total area of Tripura is 10,486 km² including
10,094.12 km² rural area and 391.88 km² urban area.
As per 2011 stats, Tripura has a population of 36,73,917 peoples, out of which urban population is 9,61,453 while rural population is 27,12,464. There are about 8,55,556 houses in the state, including 2,38,974 urban houses and 6,16,582 rural houses.

Bengali, Tripuri are the main languages of Tripura. As per ISO 3166-2:IN standard – the ISO code of Tripura is IN-TR. Tripura state is further divided in to districts for administrative purposes.

Katihar is the largest district of tripura covering area of 3057 km² while Vaishali is the smallest district of tripura covering area of 2036 km². West Tripura is the most populous whereas Dhalai is the least populous district in tripura state.

As per 2011 stats, there are 4 districts in Tripura. Here is the list of all Tripura districts along with area & population information.

List of Districts of Tripura

#DistrictArea (km²)Population (2011)Density (/km²)
2North Tripura2,0366,93,947340.8
3South Tripura3,0578,76,001286.6
4West Tripura2,99317,25,739576.6

Population of Tripura

ParticularsMale PopulationFemale PopulationTotal Population

Households in Tripura

Rural Households
Urban Households
Total Households

State/UTs in Northeastern Region of India
Arunachal PradeshAssam

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