List of Villages in Sahdai Buzurg Subdivision of Vaishali (BR) | Block wise gram panchayat

About Sahdai Buzurg Block

Sahdai Buzurg is a Town and Subdivision in Vaishali District of Bihar.
According to census 2011 information the sub-district code of Sahdai Buzurg Block (CD) is 01282.
Total area of sahdai buzurg subdivision is 89 km². Sahdai Buzurg subdivision has a population of 1,27,396 peoples. Sahdai Buzurg has a population density of 1432 inhabitants per square kilometre. There are about 23,958 houses in the sub-district.

e-Gram Panchayats
e-Gram Panchayats

Literacy Rate Of Sahdai Buzurg Block

When it comes to literacy, 54.99% population of sahdai buzurg subdivision is literate, out of which 62.77% males and 46.36% females are literate. There are about 63 villages in sahdai buzurg subdivision, which you can browse from sahdai buzurg subdivision villages list (along with gram panchayat information) below.

Sahdai Buzurg Block Gram Panchayat List

#Village NameGram Panchayat
2Alampur ZaminPohiyar Buzurg
3BaghailpurPohiyar Buzurg
4BaghautiBajitpur Chak Kasturi
6Bazidpur Chak KasturiBajitpur Chak Kasturi
7BehzadiSahdei Buzurg
8BikrampurBajitpur Chak Kasturi
9Chainpur BaghailBajitpur Chak Kasturi
10Chak Ali SherBajitpur Chak Kasturi
11Chak FaizChakfaiz
12Chak JamalChak Jamal
13Chak PaharPohiyar Buzurg
14Chak UmarPohiyar Buzurg
15ChandpurPohiyar Buzurg
16ChandpuraPohiyar Buzurg
18DerhpuraPohiyar Buzurg
20Fatehpur BuzurgChak Jamal
21GaniariNaya Gaon West
22Hitanpur ShankarSultanpur
23Ibrahimpur ShiudarshanBajitpur Chak Kasturi
24Jagdishpur BeliSultanpur
25Jangi PakahiSultanpur
26Jhil Beli Majrohi RaghunandanBajitpur Chak Kasturi
28Kumharkol BuzurgChakfaiz
29Lodipur Chak Pahar Urf RampurPohiyar Buzurg
30Majruhi RaghunandanBajitpur Chak Kasturi
31Majruhi Urf SahoriaBajitpur Chak Kasturi
32Mansai Urf Mohammadpur SaidSalha
34Math ToiBajitpur Chak Kasturi
35Mohammadour PohiarSalha
36NayagaonurfmohammadpurmuradpurNayagaon East
37Paharpur ToiBajitpur Chak Kasturi
38Pohiar BuzurgPohiyar Buzurg
39Pohiar Urf Rasulpur WahidPohiyar Buzurg
42Rampur BaghailPohiyar Buzurg
43Rampur KhanSalha
44Rampur KumharkolChakfaiz
45Rasulpur JilaniBajitpur Chak Kasturi
46Sahdai BuzurgSahdei Buzurg
47Sahdai KhurdChakfaiz
48SalempurPohiyar Buzurg
49Salha Urf MahiuddinpurSalha
50SamhutaPohiyar Buzurg
51Sarae DhaneshSahdei Buzurg
52Shahpur ToiBajitpur Chak Kasturi
53ShaikhopurChak Jamal
54Shaikhopur Tok BikrampurChak Jamal
55Shampur BhairoBajitpur Chak Kasturi
57Tal Chatra Urf BikrampurChak Jamal
58Tal Chatra Urf Chainpur BagailChak Jamal
59Tal Chatra Urf Sarae DhaneshChak Jamal
60Tal MatiaChak Jamal
61TalbeliBajitpur Chak Kasturi
62TalkhajurainSahdei Buzurg
63Tayabpur Kharij JamaNaya Gaon West

Population of Sahdai Buzurg Block

ParticularsDensityMale PopulationFemale PopulationTotal Population
Rural1,432 / km²66,98760,4091,27,396
Total1,432 / km²66,98760,4091,27,396

Households in Sahdai Buzurg Block

Rural Households
Urban Households
Total Households

Sahdai Buzurg Block/ Sub-District Overview

Sub-District Overview
Sub-District (Hindi) :Sahdai Buzurg (सहदई बुजुर्ग)
District :Vaishali
State / UT :Bihar
Total Area :89 km²
Total Population :1,27,396
Density :1,432/km²
Total Villages :63

Villages in Sahdai Buzurg Subdivision/Block Population-wise

Total PopulationVillages in Sahdai Buzurg Subdivision
less Than 2003
200 – 4997
500 – 9996
1000 – 199912
2000 – 499916
5000 – 99991
10000 and above4

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